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Jeffrey Glazer

Jeffrey Glazer

In today’s technologically driven society, many of us spend lots of time hunched at our computers, phones and tablet’s, we compress ourselves, tighten our joints, and employ too much tension in almost everything we do. The Alexander Technique is an educational process that helps you to unlearn the poor posture and movement habits that have built up over time.

I hadn’t considered that the way I used my body, my poor posture, and the tension that I carried mattered until I was in full blown chronic pain. It wasn’t until I found the Alexander Technique that I got relief, as well as clarity around how I was causing my own pain, and how I could help myself.


About the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a method for unlearning poor posture and movement habits. It is based on the understanding that the balance of tension between the head, neck, and back profoundly influences our entire body and the way we move. It is applied by using awareness and conscious thought.

The Alexander Technique was developed in the 1890’s by Australian actor Frederick Matthias (F.M.) Alexander to cure chronic laryngitis that was preventing him from continuing his acting career. For over 100 years people have been benefiting from this simple and practical technique, both in the United States and around the world. Read More about the Alexander Technique

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