About Jeffrey

Jeffrey found the Alexander Technique after an exhaustive search for relief from chronic pain in his arms and neck. Long hours at the computer had made his pain debilitating, and he was forced to leave his job in finance. The remarkable results he achieved in managing and reducing his pain prompted him to become an instructor in order to help others.


Jeffrey is an AmSAT (American Society for the Alexander Technique – amsatonline.org) certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. He received his teacher certification in June 2013 after completing a 3 year/1600 hour training program at The American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT – acatnyc.org) in New York City.

He has a BS in Finance and Marketing from Florida State University, he graduated in spring 2008.


My teaching philosophy

I believe in life-long learning, and that learning doesn’t end after school. Same goes with an Alexander Technique lesson. I encourage my students to use the Alexander Technique outside of their lessons as a tool to improve their lives.

Applying the Alexander Technique is part of my daily life, and I am always learning more about myself and deepening my understanding of the technique.