Alexander Technique BenefitsSONY DSC
• Reduced neck and back pain
• Good posture
• Improved breathing
• Less muscle tension
• Reduced compression on nerves, discs, and joints
• A sense of calm
• Reduced stress
• Enhanced awareness of your body and how you move
• Gaining a skill that you can apply anytime
• Greater health and well being
• Living more in the present

Who can benefit from the Alexander Technique?
Most people come for Alexander Technique lessons to reduce and manage pain, improve performance at a given skill, and for personal development.

The Alexander Technique is for anyone who suffers from ailments caused by poor posture, and for those with occupations that can lead to poor posture. This includes those whose job requires them to sit for long periods of time, computer users, graphic designers, surgeons, dentists, lawyers, business people etc… Improving posture can help with a surprising number of ailments, including neck pain, back pain, joint pain, nerve compression and those with chronic conditions such as sciatica, repetitive stress injury, trigger points, and chronic muscle tension/pain. Furthermore, good posture can reduce fatigue and headaches, as well as improve digestion and overall mental alertness and energy.

Those who participate in activities that demand efficiency and ease in the body can benefit from the Alexander Technique. This includes actors, dancers, singers, musicians, athletes, tennis players and golfers. The Alexander Technique is practiced worldwide by performing artists to improve their performance, voice, movement, and presence, and even to help with performance anxiety. When one learns to undo habitual tension patterns and find greater ease, poise and balance, performance often improves.

Personal Development
The Alexander Technique can improve self-awareness and self-knowledge, increase confidence, and reduce anxiety or nervousness. Since the Alexander Technique helps us become aware of our habits of thought and movement, a series of lessons is like a journey of self-discovery. The consciousness and skills that result leave people feeling empowered and more in control of their reactions to others, as well as their reactions to the demands of life. Furthermore, since posture improves one often looks more attractive.